Vigilante were formed in 1983 from the defunct band 'Monster'.

Dave Price, Bryan East and Dee Lane were joined by Steve Rankin and then Paul Greenstreet.

The band stayed together till the early 90's, though with various member formats, including Phil Divers,Mark Starr, Martyn Harris, Daren Bishop and Lee Quenby.

In 2010, after a chance meeting between Steve Rankin and Steve Buckman, a long time friend and helper of the band,who put everyone back in touch, the wheels were set in motion for a reunion.

Since then we have had various lineup changes which haven't helped progression but we are looking to 2019 as the year to re invent 'Vigilante' with gigs, new songs and recordings.

Curreently the line up is Chris White (Guitar) Dee Lane (Guitar) Mark Starr (Drums) and Steve Rankin (Bass and Vocals).

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